Les Moulins La Fayette

Bakery, pastry, catering trade, fine cuisine as well as local products that are home-made following time-honored methods… plus personalized service, strategic locations in a rural setting, and you have… Les Moulins La Fayette!

Type : Business opportunity
Units: 22
Started: 1994
Investement : $300,000
Franchise fee : $100,000

Bakery, pastry, catering trade, fine cuisine as well as local products - home-made following time-honored methods - plus personalized service, strategic locations in a rural setting, and you have… Les Moulins La Fayette!

Bakery, Pastry, Chocolate Shop, Sandwich & Coffee Shop

An enticing, stable and up-and-coming market!

Demand for quality bakery, pastry, sandwiches, chocolate and coffee, eat-ins or take-outs, continues to grow. Possibilities are limitless… especially if you have and practice the art of entertaining.

Bakery, pastry, chocolate shops, sandwich shops… add to this a personalized service, in a pleasant and warm decor, with a good coffee or a healthy herbal tea… choose a strategic location, and you have all the ingredients to succeed with your Les Moulins La Fayette license!

Our QUALITY undertaking:

Our bakers focus on the quality of the products while respecting the craft production methods. Our breads contain no trans-fat and are made with high quality ingredients (unprocessed and unbleached flour, sea salt and fresh yeast.)

The Moulins La Fayette, present a complete range of products:

1.Large selection of white, whole wheat, organic or sourdough breads;

2;Various pastries, quiches and puff pastry;

3.Various croissants, viennese pastries and Danish pure butter;

4.Craftmade delicatessen, cold cuts and cheeses counter;

5.Range of frozen products, ready to eat;

6.Homemade chocolates counter;

7.Loose coffee, tea and herbal tea counter;

8.Homemade (made on the spot) sandwich and salad bar;

9.Regional and local product counter;

10.Catering, breakfast, lunch, coffee break service.

An original concept!

In order to ensure Les Moulins La Fayette network’s growth, Mr. Jeulin chose the commercial exploitation license system.

What is a license?

A Les Moulins La Fayette license, first and foremost is the granting of the licensor’s – Mr. Johnny Jeulin’s - commercial exploitation rights, to an independent entrepreneur who, after having adhered to our business philosophy, commercially exploits the products of our concept or of our selection under the aegis of a network sign.

The granting of a license has the benefit of allowing shared competences and responsibilities. The licensee does not have to worry about production, transforming elements, creating a brand image, not to mention national marketing. In exchange, this formula requires that he undertakes to use his own know-how (local marketing, sales, customer service) in order to promote his business.

Indeed, unlike a franchise holder, who must pay royalties on his sales - all of which requires analyses and ensuring that the franchisor-franchisee cash and results correspond at the end of each month - our fees are due only at the time of purchase, and are calculated on the amount of each licensee’s orders.

Sales price

The sales price of each item is suggested by the licensor; however, the licensee can adjust it according to his exploitation costs, the competitors’ situation and his local market.


The business location is a determining factor for the licensee’s success. Therefore, in order to significantly increase his chances of success, we developed an alliance with an enterprise specialized in the search and evaluation of potential locations. That enterprise will visit the relevant locations in order to evaluate and compare the various possibilities.


The licensee must mandatorily lay out his shop according to the standard model designed for Les Moulins La Fayette. For that purpose, the licensor proposes descriptive layout plans (furniture, design, disposition, etc.) as well as a list of materials to use.

Are you the person we are looking for?

In order to buy a commercial exploitation license, you will need to demonstrate, by your career path, that you have the right background, business acumen, as well as business and customer service experience.

You must be constantly motivated by the global success of your enterprise and the network’s brand image. Moreover, you must be open to learning new individual methods as well as team work. Your financial situation must be such that you are able to fulfill your obligations and your functions.

The licensee has two obligations:

1. Vigilantly respect the guideline and the directives of the licensor contractually set out to him;

2.Invest, as in any enterprise, the energy required to succeed in his business.

When all is said and done, the licensee must, like every member of the network, put the shoulder to the wheel!

Are you up to the challenge?

Our production center is located in Mirabel, we already have the structure to work everywhere in Quebec, in Ontario and in New-Brunswick; if your background meets our criteria for success and has the market potential to fully answer the needs of our formula:

Ratios and sales


For information purpose, here are the ratios based on the results of our corporate places of business.

Network’s average sales (620,000)

The sales figures can vary according to the commercial area and the potential location.

Note that the sales mentioned above were based on our licensees’ experience. The actual sales of each licensee depends on various specific factors such as the location, the local clientele, the licensee’s management skill, the staff’s dynamism, etc...

An expertise and a family vision

The Les moulins La Fayette sign was created in 1994, by Mr Johnny Jeulin ~ baker – pastry chef – 5th generation chocolatier ~ Member of Quebec’s master pastry chefs Association.

Having migrated to Canada from Normandy (France) in 1989, his know-how earned him many professional accolades, notably:

Order of Merit of the Retail Business (2004)

Winner of the St-Sauveur valley’s Gala of Excellence in the 15 and less employees’ category (2003 Pagé Bakery)

Winner of the St-Sauveur valley’s Gala of Excellence in the 16 and more employees’ category (2002 Les Moulins La Fayette Bakery)

Recipient of the scroll of honour for the quality of bread awarded by the Confederation of Regional Bakers of France (1995)

World Cup for pastry and chocolaterie (1993); Selected by the Pastry Chefs’ Association to represent Canada

Took part in the Guinness Record for the world’s largest cake, offered by the French in Quebec for the 350th anniversary of the City of Montreal (1992)


A know-how developed during five generations.

From the beginning of its activities, the Les Moulins La Fayette sign was noticed for the quality of its products and the courtesy of its staff. Its warm and sympathetic ambiance, the originality of its decor, its craft and traditional methods of preparation as well as its requirements in the choice of ingredients were and still are the factors that ensured, within a few years, the success of this sign.

It is in the heart of St-Sauveur Village, in the Laurentians, in 1994, that the Boulangerie Les Moulins La Fayette sign was created. Its success was immediate: soon after its opening, the potential clientele seeking such a new, high-quality products and services approach was already perceptible.

This sign quickly needed to increase its commercial area: thus in 1999 it relocated in the Factoreries de St-Sauveur complex. Occupying an area three times larger, the sign Les Moulins La Fayette started to reach the volume of clientele to which it was predestined...

2002, Les Moulins La Fayette bought the Boulangerie Pagé enterprise, founded in 1903, in St-Sauveur. This ultimate acquisition allowed it to combine all of the group’s know-how, meet the increasing demand, diversify its markets and confirm the growing prestige of a sign destined to succeed.

2003, confident that he could offer his products across the various regions of Quebec, Johnny Jeulin decided to make his winning formula available to serious and motivated entrepreneurs. In order to reach his objective, he chose to expand his business network by granting commercial exploitation rights licenses to independent entrepreneurs.

2004, this project got the attention of the Fonds régional de solidarité des Laurentides (Laurentians’ regional solidarity Fund) which, the next year, partnered Les Moulins La Fayette’s development.

2005, Les Moulins La Fayette inaugurated its first concession in Ste-Adèle.

2006, 2007, construction of a 40,000 square feet new production center, in Mirabel. An essential tool for the anticipated development.

2017, today we have 18 Les Moulins La Fayette Bread and Pastry Shops in Quebec, and our very first one in the United States (Florida 211 Lincoln Road 33139 Miami Beach)

Acquisition costs breakdown

Charter of costs breakdown

The figures are in Canadian dollars. These amounts may vary according to each project. There should be a budget for the expenses related to the opening of your shop.


The Les Moulins La Fayette licensee can receive financing for an amount equal to 70 % of the opening costs from The Development Bank of Canada, Caisse Desjardins or other financial institutions, according to the financial situation demonstrated by the Licensee.

How does one become a Les Moulins La Fayette licensee?

You must begin the following process

  1. Fill out the free information form

  2. chedule an interview with the business development officer

  3. Meet our financial partner in order to get a financing pre-approval

  4. Submit an offer to purchase a Les Moulins La Fayette business exploitation rights License, for the given territory

This is the support that we offer you

  • We submit the Les Moulins La Fayette business plan based on our average network result

  • Assistance to search for and evaluate a strategic location

  • Help in negotiating the possible conditions for the leasing or purchase of the building

  • For a 15 day period prior to the opening, a training course at one of our licencees to learn the exploitation, commercialization, enterprise management and customer service methods

  • Increased support for 7 days after the opening

  • Promotional and advertising recommendations

  • Monthly meetings thereafter and guaranty of permanent “made-to-measure” follow up


The present document’s first goal is to present our concept to future licensees. Please note that all the data and information presented herein are forecasts based on our experience and on market studies.

Even though we firmly believe that such data and information are well-founded and valid, this document does not guarantee that each licensee will achieve such results.

We strongly recommend anyone or any company interested in acquiring a Les Moulins La Fayette license to consult an accountant. This recommendation will certainly save you many unpleasant experiences. Our sole objective is to help you make this project a profitable and fruitful business.

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